10 Best Cleveland Movies
10 Best Cleveland Movies

Movies that are based, or filmed, in greater Cleveland. There’s been quite a few, more than most would imagine. And there’s been a diverse mix of comedies, dramas, actions, etc. These would qualify as my top ten, so have at it.

10.) Air Force One (1997)
Very little of this movie was shot here, but it’s pretty cool seeing an aerial view of people parachuting past Severance Hall at night in this scene.

9.) Red (2010)
An atypical movie–especially when it first came out–it follows the goings-on of long-in-the-tooth assassins and secret agents, with an especially strong cast. None of it was shot in Cleveland, but the city is the home of the solitary former CIA agent played by Bruce Willis.

8.) Welcome to Collinwood (2002)
Written and directed by Cleveland’s own Russo brothers (Anthony and Joe), this farcical comedy benefited from the production and casting of George Clooney. It was filmed pretty much exclusively in Cleveland, long before the Russo brothers became star directors in the superhero world.

7.) The Rainmaker (1997)
Though not much of this one was shot in Cleveland , the city serves as the headquarters for the  greedy insurance company that denies coverage to a sick child. Thank god stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life. It’s actually a solid, and often emotionally powerful, movie with two compelling narratives taking place at the same time, both surrounding a pre-superstar Matt Damon. Also, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, who made a few other decent movies…

6.) Antwone Fisher (2002)
This is just an incredibly powerful story with equally powerful performances, about a young man whose life growing up in Cleveland was hellish and who was forced to come to terms with childhood demons few of us could imagine. Or want to. The always impressive Denzel Washington  proved he can direct nearly as well as he can act in this movie.


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